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Personal injuries impact the lives of not only the person involved, but also their families, friends and work associates. For that reason, The Car Accident Lawyer will always take each case personally. For us, a client is first and foremost a person, not a number or case file. Everyone we help is an individual in need of compassion, understanding and the determination of lawyers who believe in fighting every step of the way to see that justice is done.

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We believe that the best way to make a difference for our clients is to provide them with a unique approach; one that focuses specifically on their own personal needs, and takes into account the emotional shock of being involved in an accident.

Each client is provided with a personalized legal plan in order to ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve. We represent both individuals and families in an array of serious personal injury claims in California, offering assistance and advice every step of the way.

At The Car Accident Lawyer, our team treats each client with compassion, and supports them with exceptional lawyers, determined to fight until justice is done.

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Our goal is to bring justice to those who have been harmed by the wrongdoing of others. Even a minor accident can have a huge effect on your personal life, and handling the situation is often much harder than it initially seems.

The Car Accident Lawyer team uses a different approach from other firms, because we understand the hardships and confusion that clients go through when they have to balance dealing with a traumatic experience and fighting for compensation.

We take pride in the fact that we are able to get involved in what is often one of the worst situations of someone’s life and help them stand up for their rights, and provide strong support in their fight for justice.

How Are We Different Than Other Car Accident Lawyers In California?

We think making a difference in people’s lives starts with having a different approach. We understand the pressures and confusion people can experience when faced with being a victim of a personal injury, and take great pride in the fact that we listen intently to each client’s unique situation and get to know them and their families. From the start, we help navigate our clients through the process and are always there for them whenever they need us. We represent individuals and families in a wide array of serious personal injury claims in California.

We’re Here For You

Our goal is to help bring justice to those who have been harmed by the wrongdoing of others. If you have been involved in a serious personal injury, you know the significant impact it has on your life, as well as the lives of your family and loved ones. For this reason, you need to make sure that you hire a lawyer that will take your case personally and will fight to make sure that you and your family are treated fairly in the legal system. We approach each person and family we help with compassion, understanding and the determination and perseverance necessary to make sure that the person is treated fairly and that justice is done.

We take a different approach because we understand the hardship and adversity people go through as a result of being injured by the carelessness of another. We take pride in the fact that we are able to get involved in what is often one of the worst situations of someone’s life and help that person and his or her family stand up to the careless person or company, and give a strong hand in the recovery process.

We know that insurance companies and corporations’ primary goal in personal injury litigation is to pay as little as possible on every claim regardless of fault or the harm suffered. That is why we work hard every day to make sure that people with a serious personal injury, car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or wrongful death case are treated fairly under the law and are not forced to accept a less than fair settlement. If the other side refuses to play fair, we will take your case to trial so that a jury can decide what is fair compensation for the loss you have suffered.

Why We Care

Our upbringing has had a great deal to do with the way we work and how we approach each case. Attorney Daniel Kim was raised to believe that people should do right by each other. Unfortunately, that is not what a lot of insurance companies and corporations believe. That is why we strive every day to help people pursue justice and collect what they deserve. While we can‘t take away the harm or injury that has come upon a person or family, we can fight to help make it a little easier. Ultimately, it is our satisfaction in seeing our clients’ lives changed for the better, to right the wrongs done, and bring justice to unfair situations.

How We Help Our Clients

Whether we are conducting meticulous investigations or aggressively handling insurance claim concerns on behalf of our clients, we provide the resources, background, and dedication that help ensure that our clients’ rights are protected and that they find the personal support they need and financial compensation they deserve from the wrongful party. To explore your legal options, contact us online or by phone for a confidential, no-cost consultation with a thoughtful and experienced attorney. We can help you determine whether you have grounds to file a personal injury claim or sue, as well as how much your case may be worth in an insurance settlement or jury verdict.

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About Me

Daniel Kim is California’s Premier Car Accident Attorney and founder of The Car Accident Lawyer. He is recognized by his peers and the community as one of the top car accident attorneys in California. Such recognition is reflected in Mr. Kim being awarded the highest possible AVVO rating of 10.0 and 2014’s Client Choice Award. Mr. Kim formed the law firm on the principle that injured persons and their families should have access to the highest calibre of representation that is completely tailored to their needs. The law firm exclusively handles personal injury cases, and only represents injured persons and their families. Achieving such results begins with truly having compassion and patience with clients and a genuine belief that this type of work is much like a public service.

Mr. Kim graduated from the University of Maryland with distinction (cum laude), where he majored in business management.

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Mr. Kim is fluent in Korean.

Case Results

$4.9 billion in verdicts and settlements over 35 years. Does not reflect adjustme nts for fees, costs, or medical liens.

$1 Million Settlement; School Student Suffers Brain Injury in Truck-Auto Crash.

$3.75 Million Undue Influence to Disabled Woman in her Estate Trust Decisions Results in Settlement.
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Daniel Kim is a down right good person before being a phenomenal legal mind

Daniel Kim represented me in a lawsuit against State Farm due to a car accident in which I suffered severe back injuries. I interviewed two other law firms, but chose to retain attorney Daniel Kim due to his professionalism and empathy. He was extremely thorough and was always super quick in responding to any questions or concerns I had. Daniel certainly has the reputation he does because he is first a down right good person before being a phenomenal legal mind. Now, even though my case has settled, Daniel continues to call me to touch bases with how I’m doing. What a great attorney! I highly recommend Daniel Kim!


I would recommend Daniel Kim to my own family. He’s that good!

Daniel Kim is an excellent attorney whose main goal is his client's best interest. When I was referred to him after my car accident, I didn't know I had any sort of a case. Daniel was very informative in describing my options, and when I decided to go with him as my representative, he was very professional and always kept me informed until its successful resolution. Overall, he is a great attorney and I had a wonderful experience. He is very professional while still making you feel like family. I would recommend his services to my own family if the need ever arises.